Geography Edit


Major cities (on the map): Oshendo, Courtabur, Phillian, Marquale

Capital: Marquale

History Edit

Long ago Giants lived in the blessed lands. They made pacts with powers beyond the stars and used the knowledge they were given to enslave humans. This lasted for a time until the Humans revolted and turned the foul magics back on their oppressors. The Giants became slaves for a time and mourned what they became. A Giant hero named Mo'amo freed her people from the humans and fled north. They hid from their captors and became different and expelled the tainted influence that the magic beyond the stars had on them.


The Humans still needed servants and when they discovered that the Giants were beyond their reach they chose to enslave Dragons. The Dragons as a race were weakened and splintered from the Dragon Wars and were not able to mount an effective defense. Multiple wyrms were brought under the control of family houses and their powers taken and split among the scions of these houses.

Dragon Houses Edit

In order to be a true Dragon house the family must have a dragon enslaved to them. What follows is a list of houses, how they can be known and the Dragons known to be enslaved.

House Prince Dragon Color Sign Role
Eteid Red Military
Feyngold Gold Merchant
Roambex Purple Spies
Rorsa Morselex the Quiet (Bronze) Orange University
Taddryss Black
Vaynionth White
Zaennol Green

Noton - The lands of the fallen dragon house Ezzima which have been taken and built by the PCs.